Monday Morning Mixtape


Time to hit the links

  • Just got off the phone with Eklund [sic]. Says Nabby doesn't have the flu and is being actively shopped around to contenders. He's thinking Eastern team, but with a high possibility of it being in the West. I say he's got a 3% chance of being right.
  • New My Sharks History images can be found here. FTF has been getting a lot of goddamn spam lovely fan mail lately and I misplaced some emails. Whoever sent in the picture with Nolan, Ricci etc., lay claim to your work in the comments or via email. Kudos to CTGray for her submissions, and everyone else who thought about submitting an image before realizing they had to level up their Paladin for the huge raid on Saturday night.
  • In related news, whoever and whomever is the love child of Buzz McKillington and Slobodan Milosevic. Fairly certain I got it right though.
  • Dallas Stars are in a freefall. Tomorrow should be fun.
  • TSN had the Sharks at number one in last weeks power rankings, so this is probably old news to some of you. However, comparing the Lightning to Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels makes me wonder if they even saw the movie. Guy Ritchie deserves better. How could they not make a reference to the ownership slicing up the organization like a Saw flick? Huge mistake.
  • Sledge hockey fight between Canada and the USA. Puck Daddy scrounged up a video this weekend.
  • Jarome Iginla became the Flames leading point scorer last night in a 8-6 loss to the aforementioned Lightning. Hate to play against him, love him as a player. Best Captain not named Patrick Marleau in the league.
  • If you like seeing Wings fans soil themselves after an 8-0 loss then this is for you.
  • Tomas Plihal prepares for a foray onto the New York Times bestsellers list with his answers for this week's Ask The Sharks.
  • Does anyone use Twitter/want Fear The Fin to start using Twitter? We're on the fence with this one.
  • Eric McErlain has a must read article on the trade that started the deadline craze.
  • This Wednesday will be an all day affair for FTF, so make sure to pop by and see what's shaking. We'll be focusing mostly on the Western Conference deals and how they affect San Jose.

Go Sharks.