My Sharks History: OhMySwede

[Editor's Note]: This is the sixteenth in a series of user-submitted articles to Fear The Fin, detailing readers personal history following the San Jose Sharks. For archiving purposes this account has been republished. It was originally authored by OhMySwede on January 24, 2009; the initial Fanpost can be found here.


[Image Courtesy of CT Gray]

Since everyone else did one, I figured I would to. Although, my story won't be nearly as interesting.

From 1992 all the way through about 1997, I had heard of my family going to Sharks games. I, myself, was more involved in basketball since I had played as a child. My family moved my sister and I from Sacramento to Seattle in the Fall of '97, there I attended my first hockey game. To me, the Seattle Thunderbirds were the next best thing since sliced bread. I couldn't help but attend more and more games. I was lucky enough to see Patrick Marleau play in a game or two, although completely by accident. My sister found herself emerised in the game too, finding her favorite player (Brad Stuart, playing for Regina). I'll never forget the day of my first Sharks game, Jan 23, 1998. My aunt had taken me to see them play the Florida Panthers. Yes, I still have my ticket stub from that game. I was in love. I do think that my 13 year old mind was rating the looks of the players at the moment rather than caring about the game. It's getting better now, hot guys are added bonuses to the wonderful game. After a tough year living in Seattle, I moved back to Sacramento. It would be another year before I attended another game. Moving to Phoenix gave me the chance to see the Coyotes play. I attended 2 games as a Sharks fan at AW Arena. It would have been 3, however, the Sharks beat the Coyotes in the playoffs at home, so I never got to see them again. Since moving back from Phoenix in 2003, I have attended close to 100 games (with 5 more to go this season). And as the season moves on, I shall continue to go with my blood bleeding teal.


ooh facinating, eh?