UPDATED: New comment policy on Fear the Fin

Please limit gifs/embedded images to gamethreads.

UPDATE: We're going to try a different approach to gifs/images in comments. From now on we're going to limit gifs/embedded images to game threads and fanposts. This, I think, strikes a good balance between giving regular commenters the freedom to talk about the games how they want while also keeping things more commonly frequented by non-commenters tidier.

It's not possible to limit the capability for embedded images/gifs to specific threads so it's going to be up to the mods/community as a whole to enforce this. Gifs and embedded images posted in comment sections other than gamethreads and fanposts will be deleted. Thanks for your feedback.


As some of you have already noticed, the comments on Fear the Fin no longer support embedding images and gifs. This is not, primarily, because I hate fun and those who partake in fun things, like gifs. This is an effort to make browsing on mobile devices a more pleasant experience for everyone.

If you'd like to link to a gif or image that takes the user off the site or embed a tweet (since those don't autoplay) that's perfectly fine. I don't have any problems with gif usage, I'm just trying to save some bandwidth for those of us who view Fear the Fin predominantly on a mobile device.

Anyway I just wrote 100 words on gif usage, so welcome to 2016. What a time to be alive.