What should the Sharks' new goal song be?

The Sharks are going to have a new goal song this season. What do you think it should be?

In an email to season ticket holders that went out yesterday, the Sharks have announced that they are going to be using a new goal song for the upcoming season:

Each offseason, we review all aspects of our organization's operation to ensure we are providing the fans the best in-game experience possible at SAP Center at San Jose. As we approach the start of our 25th anniversary season in 2015-16, we have some important news that we wanted you, as a season ticket holder, to hear first.

We are changing the team's traditional goal song, which has historically been "Rock and Roll, Part 2" by Gary Glitter. As you may be aware, earlier this year, Mr. Glitter was convicted of several horrific sexual abuse crimes which involved minors. He is serving a sixteen year prison sentence in the United Kingdom.

The reasons for the change are solid, and "Rock and Roll, Part 2" is overused as an NHL goal song anyway. Twitter user Five4Favoriting has the current voting options as follows:

None of these are particularly appealing to me (especially Nickleback). Personally I've always wanted the Sharks to use All Star by San Jose natives Smash Mouth, but I suspect I'm in a pretty small minority there.

Suggestions came pouring in on twitter last night (check out the sharksgoalsong hashtag). Here are some of my favourites:

(I agree, this would be hilarious. I'm the worst.)

What should the Sharks use as their new goal song?

Holiday - Green Day269
Electric Worry - Clutch99
Burn it to the Ground - Nickleback101
Break Away - CFO$50
Uprising - Muse262