John Scott says NHL camps to begin June 1

That’s “Insider John Scott” to you, actually.

John Scott is adding another tool to his belt, becoming a new NHL insider. His first scoop? European players are making plans to head back to their host cities because NHL training camps are eyeing a June 1 return. The former Sharks enforcer broke the news on Twitter Friday afternoon:

On Scott’s podcast Dropping the Gloves, he often mentions conversations with current and former players. He’s especially plugged into the San Jose hockey community, most recently having hosted Patrick Marleau and Marc-Edouard Vlasic on his show back in February. It’s certainly possible that he’s hearing about what players are preparing for.

Most recently, the NHL is looking into scenarios that could see them return to play in a number of centralized locations to finish out the remainder of the 2019-20 season. A set return date is uncertain, but considering the majority of recommendations and restrictions, it likely wouldn’t happen prior to June 1.

Among the logistical concerns of course, is any arena being stretched with their ability to accommodate multiple NHL team games and practices.

Even if the NHL finds that they aren’t able to return on June 1, talks for return may begin to pick up at that point, as some localized restrictions begin to lift. In that case, clubs may be signaling for European players to prepare to return, given the uncertain travel environment.

There may be more context to what he’s being told, but the truth to John Scott’s post is that the NHL is itching to return at the soonest possible date, and the players are aware of that fact.