NHL Free Agency Thread, July 2nd

Solid updates on Huskins from Ducks fans (yes, the serpents have invaded our humble home). Avert your eyes from the cap situation we all saw coming. Check out the Cheat Sheet if you're confused. Pour out yo' drink for Brian Boucher one more time. Be on the lookout for trades involving Luko, Michalek, Cheechoo, Ehrhoff, Nabokov, Murray... hell, anyone on the current roster. Prepare for DW to bide his time. Reminisce about the Thornton trade, remember Wilson swung a deal for Boyle on the 4th of July, pray the autopsy turned up something sensible, and find time to admire the computer tan you got yesterday.

Prediction: Clowe signs a 4 year $3.2 per contract. That's right, I'm ballparking baby- E5 city, mark it down.

Go Sharks.