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Pacific Division Weekly

Pacific Division Round Up: Randy Carlyle takes a hike

After a seven-game losing streak, the Ducks finally dropped their head coach.

Pacific Division Round Up: All-Star Break Edition

The NHL All-Star Game rolled into San Jose this week, giving us a brief break from the Pacific Division battle.

Pacific Division Round Up: The not-so-mighty Ducks

Making a trade and winning two games this week wasn’t enough to move the Ducks up in the standings this week.

Pacific Division Round Up: Sharks swim past Golden Knights

It’s a close race in the Pacific: the Flames, Sharks and Golden Knights find themselves neck and neck and neck.

Pacific Division Round Up: Coyotes take a bite out of Rangers

The Arizona Coyotes shut out the New York Rangers 5-0, because why not?

Pacific Division Roundup: Golden Knights on the rise

The Vegas Golden Knights are on a three-game winning streak and are moving their way up the standings.

Pacific Division Round Up: Calgary is still good

But the good news is that the Kings are still bad.

Pacific Division Round Up: Flames stay hot

The Calgary Flames stay in first place of the division, while the Kings are still dead last.

Pacific Division Round Up: Quick Returns to Kings’ Lineup

Don’t worry, it’s not enough to save them.

Pacific Division Round Up: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?

As Vegas finds their groove again, the Pacific Division shudders.

Pacific Division Round Up: Kings goaltending woes continue

After losing both their starting and backup, they’ve called up both goalies from their AHL affiliate.

Pacific Division Round Up: Has Vegas’ luck run out?

They sit at the bottom of the standings while the Vancouver Canucks are scoring eight goals against the Boston Bruins.

Pacific Division Round Up: The Kings are a dumpster fire

Time to throw the whole team away.

Pacific Division Round Up: Edmonton is playing catch up

The Edmonton Connor McDavids are moving up the standings.

Pacific Division Roundup: The Los Angeles Kings are struggling

While the Vancouver Canucks continue to be... good?

Pacific Division Roundup: The Canucks keep winning

While the Kings got beat out by a team of Sharks rejects.

Pacific Division Round Up: Hockey is BACK

And Jonathan Quick is already injured.

2017-18 Pacific Division Goodbyes: Calgary Flames

No, bad! Put out that fire right now!

2017-18 Pacific Division Goodbyes: Edmonton Oilers

Someone has to miss the playoffs every year and the Oilers sure love to do us that favor.

2017-18 Pacific Division Goodbyes: Vancouver Canucks

Hear the sound of the fallin’ rain, comin’ down like an armageddon flame...

2017-18 Pacific Division Goodbyes: Arizona Coyotes

Another year, another early summer for the D***** D***.

Pacific Division Round-Up: California takes over the ‘yoffs

Our number one and number two rivals clinch playoff spots.

Pacific Division Round-Up: Ducks could be odd man out

Plus "Johnny Hockey" takes a leave of absence.

Pacific Division Round-Up: One cup contender may lose its starting netminder

Plus a bad week pushes Calgary out of playoff contention.

Pacific Division Round-Up: Two spots left and four teams in the fight

Plus a head coach takes a leave of absence.

Pacific Division Round-Up: The playoff race tightens up

Plus a scary hit sidelines a Calder Trophy candidate.

Pacific Division Round-Up: The rosters are set

And Vegas is starting to look vulnerable.

Trade Deadline Round-Up: Pacific Division Style

The Trade Deadline has passed. But who emerged from the Pacific for the better?

Pacific Division Round Up: That playoff push

Who is going to be second and third after that expansion team that is somehow really good?

Pacific Division Round Up: Quest for the post season

It’s a tough race here in the West, but the Vegas Knights are still in first.

Pacific Division Round Up: The West continues to be a close race to the playoffs

It’s Connor McDavid’s world and we’re just living in it.

Pacific Division Round Up: Back from the All-Star break

Yeah, the Golden Knights are still on top of the table. I don’t want to talk about it.