NHL Playoffs 2016: Fear the Fin picks the first round

Because we want you to laugh at us.

With the first round starting on Wednesday we've made our picks for the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs — or whatever we're calling them these days. I assume something brought to us by Honda. We've got contributors in the vertical column and series in the horizontal column. Okay, go wild.

Sharks/Kings Ducks/Predators Blues/Blackhawks Stars/Wild Capitals/Flyers Penguins/Rangers Lightning/Red Wings Panthers/Islanders
jake.sundstrom Kings/6 Ducks/5 Blackhawks/6 Stars/5 Capitals/7 Penguins/4 Lightning/6 Islanders/6
evan.arnold Sharks/7 Ducks/6 Blackhawks/7 Stars/5 Capitals/4 Rangers/7 Lightning/6 Islanders/6
EmilyG Sharks/7 Ducks/5 Blues/7 Stars/5 Flyers/7 Penguins/5 Lightning/6 Panthers/7
Maddie_Bahr Sharks/6 Ducks/7 Blackhawks/6 Stars/5 Capitals/4 Penguins/7 Lightning/7 Panthers/6
Aaron Polevoi Kings/6 Ducks/7 Blackhawks/6 Stars/5 Capitals/4 Rangers/7 Red Wings/6 Islanders/5
dfinhockey Sharks/5 Ducks/6 Blues/7 Stars/5 Capitals/6 Penguins/6 Lightning/6 Islanders/7
Richard Iurilli Sharks/5 Ducks/6 Blues/6 Stars/5 Capitals/7 Rangers/7 Lightning/5 Panthers/6
Sam Blazer Kings/6 Ducks/7 Blues/7 Stars/5 Capitals/6 Penguins/5 Red Wings/7 Panthers/6
Marcus White Sharks/7 Ducks/6 Blackhawks/6 Stars/5 Capitals/5 Penguins/7 Lightning/6 Panthers/7

Some Fun Stats:

  • If Dallas doesn't win in five games, we're all going to look very silly.
  • Aaron, Sam and I are the only ones brave awful enough to pick the Kings in the first round.
  • We all agree the Ducks are winning in the first round. We're less sure about how long it'll take.
  • Only four sweeps were predicted — and three of them went against the Flyers.
  • Blackhawks/Blues and Islanders/Panthers were the most divisive series.
  • 20 seven-game series were predicted. Blues-Blackhawks and Rangers-Penguins are the staff favorites to go seven. /