Off The Post: October 5th


San Jose @ Anaheim, October 3rd

Ah, Philly. Postgame fan fights, an unconfirmed knifing... what's not to love? Don't answer that.

Fresh off last year's tear-wrencher of a playoff tribute, CBC's Hockey Night In Canada does it again with a new installment for this season ("cut the chord"). Don't get me wrong, I wholeheartedly enjoy Randy and Drew, but there's not a better broadcast crew around than the ladies and gentleman up at CBC.

  • The Isles forgot about Rick DiPietro in their first game introduction ceremony. Management defended this by saying, "Well, in our defense, we have a few more years left to make up for it."
  • Drew Remenda kicks off a new feature entitled "Drew's Memory Lane" on, with an installment featuring a story about Igor Larianov.

  • Special thanks to Sleek for the Row B seats last night. Between Danny K's, getting on the jumbotron, enjoying the game, talking hockey, and laughing at some asshole who wanted to fight me because, "The Sharks play like faggots in the playoffs" it was a great night. Tickets and drinks on me for the 21st of November sir.
  • I've been sitting on this for awhile, but never found a story that I could slide it into. I've seen this jersey at The Tank a couple times but never snapped a picture of it- from earlier this year at Teal & White:


    The umlauts are a nice touch.

    Go Sharks.