Off the Post September 14 - Evening Edition

  • Dan Boyle says more than he perhaps means to in his blog post (emphasis mine, thanks to Puck Daddy for the link) -
  • "[Milan Michalek] was maybe the most skilled player we had here and I feel he will be a dominant player when he puts it all together. He has shown us all what he can do when he is on."
  • [UPDATE, thanks to Ivano27] = Jeremy Roenick adds to the revelations about Milan in a similar fashion to Boyle's above quote.  Recommended reading, here.

  • Wondering what to do with your now-outdated Alexei Semenov shirt or jersey? Fear the Fin's very own idunno723 provides an ingeniously creative solution.
  • Ever wanted to stuff a ballot box?  Now you can.

    The FTF Invitational 2 fantasy hockey league, as of 6:30pm, has exactly ONE spot still available.  Yahoo, ID # 108742, password "drinko."  HURRY!   [UPDATE - congrats to Phantom for being quick on the draw]

    Your NHL fun fact of the day - 13 coaches will begin their first full year behind the bench of their respective teams in 2009.  Their first full year, that is, unless they emulate Barry Melrose.

    Michael Moore (yes, that Michael Moore) weighs in on the Phoenix-to-Hamilton debate, and in a way that only Michael Moore could do, pisses on two fanbases at once.

  • Your daily schadenfreude, via Defending Big D - Jere Lehtinen will miss 5 days of training camp with a groin or hip issue. That sentence you just read is a novel in comparison to the Twitter post DBD references.
  • Speaking of the Dallas Stars, they're going to use the dynamic pricing system that has made buying SF Giants tickets so... interesting.
  • Speaking of pricing systems (and speaking of "speaking of"... j/k), the Buffalo Sabres' variable pricing system will screw over the fanbases of exactly two teams - the Toronto Maple Leafs... and the Buffalo Sabres.
  • If only my parents realized how valuable my January birthdate could have been to my hockey career.

  • Joe Sakic's replacement as the Avs' captain? Adam Foote.
  • This is probably old news for some of you, but the San Jose Sharks had the 7th best road attendance in the NHL last season. Home attendance was at an average of 17,488 fans, good for 12th best percentage in the league. Now if we can just find you 8 lazy bastards that are keeping us from perfection...
  • Theo Fleury tries to return to the Calgary Flames - here's a sobering reminder of how we should feel about his efforts.

  • McSorley - Fleury 96-97 (via vindiggs)