Olympic Brackets Are Set

As Team USA supporters were hoping for, Sweden beat Finland 3-0 late Sunday night. Here's what the brackets look like heading into Tuesday:


And for those without the vision of a bald eagle:

Elimination Games

G1: #5 Czech Republic vs. #12 Latvia G1 Winner vs. Finland
G2: #6 Canada vs. #11 Germany G2 Winner vs. Russia
G3: #7 Slovakia vs. #10 Norway G3 Winner vs. Sweden
G4: #8 Switzerland vs. #9 Belarus G4 Winner vs. United States

Team USA would play a team coming off a back to back, which is another plus of grabbing the one seed. Furthermore, they have by far the easiest road to the Gold medal game, avoiding Canada, Russia, and Sweden. That regulation win (cliche alert!) was big, not just on an emotional level, but from a positioning one as well.

For those of you interested, the Olympics standings board underwent it's final update, and the Sharks Olympian statistics have also been brought up to date.