On The Docket

Barring anything out of the ordinary, here's what we have planned for the next week. I'm lazin' too hard to write anything at this moment, but figured putting it out for the millions (and millions) of FTF's fans would force me to eventually get on the ball.

1) Saturday, July 11th. Plank looks at the roster, tears up at the lack of cap room, and makes some hard decisions on who should be moved. Meargh.

2) Monday, July 13th. Sign ups for the NHL 09 Xbox Live Fear The Fin Invitational commence. Rules will be provided, teams will be assigned, visions of sugarplums will dance in all the wee little children's heads. This weekend dust off your controller, hit the couch, and practice your breakouts. You're gonna need it.

3) Tuesday, July 15th. Coming to a computer near you on some serious tape delay via Hulu.com, it's a mothatruckin' open thread of epic proportions. Game seven of the Western Conference Quarterfinals. Jarome Iginla and the hated Calgary Flames. An entire season boiling down to sixty minutes. Can the Sharks rebound from getting shut out in game six? Will Soupy make another soft play along the defensive zone boards? Can the wily veteran Jeremmmmy Roeeeeeeniiiiick save the day? Tune in Tuesday at 7:00 PM to find out!!!

4) Friday, July 17th. Remember the playoffs? Ah, sorry about that. Let me put it this way- remember the Playoff Pick Em! tournament we ran during the playoffs? Yeah, still haven't gotten around to that. Next Friday you get your winner, runner up, and allotment of bragging rights.

As David Pollak of Working The Corners noted yesterday, a move for a fourth line center is just around the corner. Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen.

Go Sharks.