[Open Thread] Game Four: Columbus Blue Jackets at San Jose Sharks (Tuesday October 14, 2008)

1-1-0 3-0-0
4th Central Division 1st Pacific Division
T-8th Western Conference 1st Western Conference

I apologize for the standings at the top of the thread not being up to date when the game started.  There is a reason.

Yesterday, on my way home from a trip with Mrs. Dude to celebrate our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary one of my brothers contacted me to let me know our aunt was in the hospital with congestive heart failure.  Immediately after work today we went to spend some time with her in the hospital.  I'll skip the details and simply note it was a rather brutal experience.  We got home after the game had started, and to be honest I wasn't in a mindset of it being of any great importance above listening to it on the radio as following the game that way rather than watching it helps get my mind more off of things.

Hopefully things will be better tomorrow and I can focus on writing a decent wrapup.