[Open Thread] Game Six: Philadelphia Flyers at San Jose Sharks (Saturday October 18, 2008)

0-3-1 4-1-0
5th Atlantic Division 1st Pacific Division
15th Eastern Conference 1st Western Conference

Like last night, the Sharks opponent is a team that's struggled coming out of the gate.  Hopefully the result won't be the same as last night's 4-0 roasting by the Ducks.

No Milan Michalek or Douglas Murray tonight, with Tomas Plihal a maybe.  Expect to see Alexi Semenov (oh joy) and Brad Staubitz on the ice.  Also expect to see a more aggressive power play in terms of skaters planting themselves in front of the Flyers net, especially after last night's 0 for 7 with the man advantage.

As to the Flyers, expect it to be a toss-up as to which group will be more boorish -- the ones on the ice in Philadelphia jerseys or the ones in the stands with Philadelphia jerseys.  Not a lot of finesse with either group.