[Open Thread] Game Twelve: San Jose Sharks at Colorado Avalanche (Sunday November 2, 2008)

9-2-0 5-5-0
1st Pacific Division 5th Northwest Division
1st Western Conference T-10th Western Conference

The Sharks begin a grueling lengthy road trip tonight with a... oh, wait, it's one game and then back home.  Wonder if the team even bothered to pack.

The Avs have redefined the work streaky thus far this young season.  Colorado started by losing its first three games.  It then won the next five in a row.  This has been followed by losing its last two.  Nothing like consistency.

As to Los Tiburones, their main opponents tonight besides Milan Hedjuk and Paul Stasny et al will be the altitude and letting down after a tremendous win last Thursday at home against Detroit in a game where they out-Red Winged the Red Wings.  Hey, if you can't beat 'em do a better them than they do.

Enjoy the game, everyone.