[Open Thread] Sharks Gameday: Danny Boy



5:00 PST
15-3-1, 31 points 9-7-1, 19 points
1st in Pacific Division T-2nd in Central Division
CSN Bay Area
98.5 KFOX, Sjsharks.com
On The Forecheck

If anyone needs reminding of the larceny that occurred last time these two teams played, by all means indulge yourself. Just a warning- it's not exactly the best way to get your week started.

So what's happened since then? Dan Ellis picked up an award for NHL player of the week, and the Sharks have managed to absolutely turn around their stagnant power play. All these factors should make for an excellent tilt tonight.

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Now you're probably wondering why I included an Irish love song into tonight's game thread. A solid question, and yet the answer is quite simple. To me, the Muppets rendition of this classic song represents what was probably sung in Nashville following the Sharks 4-3 loss; unintelligible ramblings* (which may or may not be due to some sort of beverage consumption) about goaltender Dan Ellis mixed in with tears of false joy. Tears that will never be able to lift the first round pain that permeates the air of Nashville like an achy-breakey-hearted Country song. At least they practice what they preach.

* Although The Forechecker's brain could beat my brain in a no-holds barred cage match any day.

Prediction: Sharks win 4-2. Goals by Michalek, Cheech, Ehrhoff, and Grier. Do I dare guarantee this one? Yes, but only after taking out an insurance policy over at State Farm Insurance. No harm in covering my rear like a newly incarcerated inmate.

Go Sharks.