[Open Thread] Sharks Gameday: In A New York Minute



7:30 PST
22-11-2, 46 points 25-4-3, 53 points
1st in Atlantic Division 1st in Pacific Division
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Blueshirt Bulletin

Analysis? You're looking for analysis? Here's a quip for you:

"Just flat out they were better in every situation. We can come down off of our perch and everybody can look at each other and realize that we've still got some work to do."

- Todd McLellan

There's nothing more to say about this one folks. Sharks either come out and perform, or they lay another turd against a top-ranked team. Black or white. Yin or yang. Jekyll or Hyde. Cash or bounced check.

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Chicken Little is not in the building. The sky isn't falling, season's aren't crumbling. All we need to see is a sixty minute performance, something to re-establish an identity that took a massive pounding this week. The two points tonight don't matter. Quality shots on net and a ferocious forecheck is what we're looking for. The home record doesn't mean a damn thing. A consistent breakout and defensive responsibility carries more weight than a good-looking stat.

Throw out the wins, the losses, the boos and the cheers. Sixty minutes.

Let the first true test of the year begin.

Prediction: Sharks win 4-1. Goals by Thornton, Marleau, Cheechoo, and McGinn. Don Henley makes an appearance at HP Pavilion, only to be sent home empty-handed. Nothing's gonna change, things aren't getting strange.

Go Sharks.

[Update 2:32 PM] Michalek is out, Kaspar sent down to Worcester. H/T to Section 223 for his usual heads-up.

On a Kaspar note- I'm not surprised, and frankly think he could be trade bait either at the deadline or the upcoming draft. We're looking ahead here, but he hasn't shown me anything in his limited time in San Jose. A number one draft pickin 2004 could yield some good return if we package him with another player. Just a little food for thought.