Picking a name for the Sharks new cat

The cat belongs to the team now. To all of us.

By now you probably know a cat wandered the ice of SAP Center before last night's contest. If not...well, check out the video below.

The cat apparently snuck into the building some time during the last week and managed to find its way onto the ice unbeknownst to the Sharks staff. After the game, the cat was captured and, shown below, hanging out in the Sharks front office.

As of this morning, it sounded like the cat had been sent out into the wilderness of San Jose. A report that has since been corrected by Scott Emmert.

I don't know what more details to follow means, unless someone in the office/team decided to adopt the cat, of course. In reality, this cat belongs to all of us now after gifting the Sharks a win against the Predators. So the cat needs a name — a Sharks related name, of course. Below is a list of potential names.

Tomas Purrrtl

We can't take credit for this one, but as I saw it from about 6,000 people on Twitter last night I'm not sure who to credit for it.

Joe Purrvelski

Two purr puns in a row. I know, lame, but this is a good one.

Catrick Meowleau

This one doesn't suck and Marleau kind of looks like a cat.

Logan Catture

Logan is definitely a dog person but this works.

Melkat Karlsson

Melkat? Melcat? I don't know.

Cat Tierney

This one is pretty bad.

Purr Martin


Brent Purrns

This one is good because odds are the cat used to live inside of his beard.

Catt Nieto

He's from Long Beach. Maybe the cat is, too.

Meowtin Jones

See? Because cats meow.

Catt Kittennson

It's not my fault there are two Matts on this team.