Picking up points to help survivors of domestic abuse

We’re going to use Sharks’ points to help victims

Update: We’re up to $370 donated as of 2/17/17

This Sharks season I’ll be using the many, many San Jose points as inspiration to donate to Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence. I picked this shelter as my charity of choice for #HockeyFightsDV last season but this year I want to use the site to boost the signal of an incredibly important, and local, cause.

Here’s a little bit about Next Door from their website:

About Us

Domestic violence crosses all socioeconomic, ethnic and religious boundaries and affects every part of the lives damaged by it.

Although the problem is complex, Next Door Solutions believes the solutions must be client-centered, community based, and engage diverse groups of community leaders, volunteers, donors, advocates and clients in order to create real solutions that eradicate domestic violence for good.

We believe in peace and social justice for all and operates every day knowing that peace in the community begins with peace in the home.

We provide innovative prevention and intervention services to all families in Santa Clara County.

The NHL, and sports leagues in general, have a pretty poor track record when it comes to taking domestic violence seriously. In addition to raising our voices when need be, we can also put our money where our mouths are. I’ll be donating $5 for every Sharks point this season and we’ll keep a running tab of how much has been donated to Next Door.

I encourage you to take on a similar pledge to help out Next Door. This is a San Jose area charity that is really important to the community and all the women it helps. Go ahead and drop your pledge here and get out the word every time you donate to raise awareness for this awesome cause.

Let’s hope for lots of points for the Sharks this season ... now for two reasons! That’s a win-win I can buy into.