Poll: FTF Live Availability

Thank god it's summer, because this has taken way too many postings to get to this point.

For the sake of clarity, here is what is happening in terms of podcasting/radio production:

1) Plank and TCY will be recording a podcast once a week that will not have direct user involvement. It will be recorded off-site and only between both of us, meaning that we control what we talk about to some degree. Questions for us to answer can be submitted via email (fearthefin@gmail.com) or Twitter (@fearthefin, @FTFsTCY) each week. This week's episode will be recorded on Saturday so let us know if there is anything you'd like to hear answered.

2) We would like to do a live radio show where, right from the beginning, we take questions from callers. This segment (named "FTF Live") would also be a weekly occurrence. As described above, we would hop on the phone and take questions right from the get go. Coordinating this for maximum callers is our biggest priority, because between the Podcast and online articles, we will have a fair amount of discussion already. Direct questions, with a focus on spontaneity and direct involvement, completes what we will feel is a great experience for you guys on Fear The Fin.

So what day of the week works best for everyone? We're thinking Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday is probably the best, with the time frame running between 6-9 PM during the summer. Select your day with that in mind, and if you feel compelled, throw us a line in the comments making a case for which time slot works best.

We're not doing one today by the way, due to the tepid turnout in the comments. Plus the fact that Plank has a date.

Once in a lifetime opportunities only come around...well, once in a lifetime.

Go Sharks.

What day of the week would be best for you to call into FTF Live and talk directly with Plank and TCY?