Profiles in Keyboard Courage: Mark Kiszla of The Denver Post

Dump that teal sweater with a shark chomping a hockey stick. That mean image doesn't fit the joke that San Jose becomes when the games really matter.

Wouldn't it be more appropriate if San Jose star Joe Thornton took the ice against Colorado while wearing an orange-and-white uniform featuring a cuddly cartoon from "Finding Nemo" as the team logo?

Ladies and gentlemen, please hold your applause and try to refrain from laughter until the next flop from San Jose is complete. When the NHL does spring cleaning, the first chore is to flush the Sharks.

-Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post

It's truly fascinating to me that some folks in the mainstream media will turn their noses up at alternative sources of information such as SBN, while at the same time employing writers of this ilk. When a story has been covered ad nauseum, as the Sharks playoff disappointments have, a professional journalist's job is to provide a new angle from which to approach the story.

Not approach it like a writer posting from his parents' basement.

Looking at Kiszla's posting history, it is clear that he barely covered the Avalanche during the regular season. Enter a glorious emergence onto the scene in order to rehash the same old story line, without offering any analysis as to why Colorado can stage an upset. Nothing on the speed of their dangerous forward group. Nothing on the goaltending Craig Anderson has given them this season. Nothing substantial at all. Cliches run like the Euphrates through this article.

Thank your lucky stars the Mercury News has a classy beat writer in David Pollak. He keeps his head down, brings Sharks fans the facts, and never delves into such petty name-calling.

"When the NHL does spring cleaning, the first chore is to flush the Sharks," Kiszla writes.

When the Denver Post does their spring cleaning, the first chore should be to flush this article right down the toilet.

Go Sharks.