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I gave example answers this week due to some confusion in the past.

Rules & Prize Information found here. Let's get at it folks.

1) Which San Jose Shark has had the most blocked shots against him this season? (ex. Alexei Semenov shoots and his shot is blocked 100 times thus far, leading the team; answer would be "Alexei Semenov")

2) Which NHL team has more shots/game than the San Jose Sharks and how many are they averaging? (ex. Anaheim Ducks, 29.2)

3) Which skater leads the San Jose Sharks in TOI/G? (ex. Jody Shelley)

Good luck guys and gals. If you don't want your answers to be shown (giving other users an opportunity to "cheat") feel free to email me at [fearthefin@gmail.com]. The same time stamp formula will apply.

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