Raffi Torres placed on waivers

The forward's return to the Sharks isn't coming.

This may mark the end of the Raffi Torres' era in San Jose. Bob McKenzie is reporting the forward has been placed on waivers by the team.

If Torres isn't claimed he'll be assigned to the Barracuda (assuming he accepts it, and i think he will). It appears Torres hasn't been able to get his game back after multiple surgeries. In three games with the Barracuda the forward has taken just one shot on goal and hasn't tallied a single point.

It's been a long, largely unpleasant run with the Sharks for Torres. When he played (at least at the beginning) he was wildly successful. But suspensions (fair or unfair) and injuries marred what could have been a comeback for Torres.

His latest suspension is tough to argue against, and while his previous suspension in the playoffs wasn't quite as convincing, Torres' has earned his reputation.

As it stands, his legacy will be somewhat cloudy for Sharks fans who have seen the full ledger of what he's capable of. It was nice to have a solid forward who skates hard and plays aggressively, but I can't say I'll miss having him on the Sharks — both because of the damage he's done in the past, and the potential he has to do more in the future.

So long, Raffi.