REMINDER: Payments for FTF's "Night at the Tank" Due by FRIDAY, AUGUST 14th

Hello everyone.

This is just a reminder that payments are due to me by Friday, August 14th for FTF's "Night at the Tank". I already had to pay for the tickets, and you can understand the dent that 50 tickets put on my bank account.

Remember, I need your payment by Friday by either PayPal or Check. Tickets are $36.00 each ($38.00 on PayPal if you don't make a personal transfer)

PayPal: Make payments to MAKE SURE that you do a "personal transfer" from your bank account, or I'll get charged a $2.00 premium on every ticket. If you can't do that, make the payment for $38 rather than $36.

Check: Make checks payable to:

Matthew Taylor

1198 Britton Ave
San Jose, CA 95125

Please email me if you will be sending a check.

Thank you to the people who have already paid. After the jump, you will find the list of people who I have received payment from, and people who still need to send me money. The number in parentheses represents the number of tickets you requested. If you signed up, please pay me. Don't saddle me with the debt, jerks.

Payments Needed From: JLopez (1), KBO (2), Pjaysee (2), Threepwood XX (1)

Payments Recieved From: Aemoc (2), adragon (1), AfroPuff (1), ang6666 (3), fatbabies (4), Ivano27 (2), Jack Lukas (2), joe579 (1), Lurker Shark (2), Maggie01 (2), Matt Londre (1), Morti (1), PHiSTER (2), Plank (2), PrincessMinako (1), Red Campbell (1), rjcwatch (2), SetoThorMarChooSki (4), SwisherThresher (1),ZeroIndulgence (1)