Ryan Reaves to have hearing for Matt Tennyson hit

The Department of Player Safety has taken the first step.

Ryan Reaves will have a hearing on Wednesday for this hit on Matt Tennyson on Monday night. The St. Louis Blues forward received a match misconduct and a five-minute major for his hit on Tennyson, which is about as close as you can get to textbook boarding.

He has already been in hot water with the league this season for this jab on Anze Kopitar back in November. There's not much of an argument Reaves can make in regards to the Tennyson hit. He lined him up, saw the numbers and then drove Tennyson's head right into the glass. This is exactly the kind of hit the NHL is trying to get rid of...which I know is something we say a lot before the DoPS does nothing.

So, who knows. Reaves deserves to be suspended, but I never question the Wheel Of Justice. Three games according to the Wheel.