Sharks unveil heritage jersey for 30th anniversary season

Jersey count for 2021 is now up to five.

If, like me, you were underwhelmed by the Sharks’ fourth jersey — a 1998-inspired “Reverse Retro” sweater released in November — have no fear: they’ve released a fifth jersey, drawing on the team’s original jersey, with some modifications to accommodate the collar of the Adidas jerseys, as well as utilizing the team’s current shade of teal.

Aside from the details that are unique to Adidas, it’s not too different from the heritage jersey the team wore in 2015-16, to celebrate their 25th anniversary:

Any excuse to play the hits, though, am I right? It’s a great jersey, and the iconic original logo designed by Terry Smith has stood the test of time incredibly well. The deeper teal ties it to the current branding and even though I prefer the chaos of the highlighter teal the team originally wore, it works just as well with a modern color palette.

Even if you snagged the 2015-16 version, it might be worth an upgrade — the authentic Adidas jerseys are far more comfortable than their Reebok counterparts in my experience (especially if you don’t have a flat chest), though the Reebok version’s collar is more like the original Sharks sweater.

This, of course, brings the Sharks’ jersey count for the upcoming shortened season to five: Home, Away, Stealth, Reverse Retro and Heritage.

The Sharks also released a 30th anniversary logo, which will be worn on a patch on the Sharks’ jerseys throughout the 2021 season, and painted at center ice at SAP Center.

“The Sharks 30th Anniversary platform allows us to tell stories and engage fans, both in and out of market, while providing an opportunity to reflect on the many moments and personalities that have defined the organization throughout its history,” said Doug Bentz, Vice President of Marketing & Digital for the Sharks, in a release. “This celebratory campaign will introduce new activations and promotions throughout the season while bringing back elements of team history that were extremely popular with our fan base including the Heritage Jersey that was introduced five years ago. I’d like to thank SAP for their continued support of Sharks hockey and for being an integral part of our team’s history.”