Logan Couture is starting a book club

To quote Arthur: “Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card!”

Logan Couture has decided how he’ll be spending the NHL season pause: the Sharks captain announced today that he will be starting a book club. The release describes reading as Couture’s “favorite hobby,” while Couture notes how he has always loved “psychological and legal thrillers, as well as murder-mysteries.”

The release doesn’t lay out much of a plan or schedule for the book club, though the first book Couture will be reading is The Rule of the Law by John Lescroart. He does encourage people to read along and says that he’ll be reviewing it when he’s finished. Couture also plans to release a list of “some of [his] favorite books.”

Before anyone makes the obvious joke, first of all, I did it for you already:

Secondly, I hate to burst my own bubble (though I think I made the bubble knowing it would be burst, because I regrettably already knew this information), but Couture has always kind of been a book nerd.

I thought maybe I just had a fever dream that I already knew that Couture was into crime novels, but I could envision clearly in my mind two photos Couture had posted on Instagram. As far as I can tell, these photos have since been deleted. Luckily for all of you, I tracked down proof that this isn’t the first time Logan has reminded us that he reads books:

(Really hate that I knew specifically that he had read Gone Girl, too, but it is a pretty good book.)

I’m also fascinated by the idea of Couture reviewing these books. Is he writing the reviews? Is there a ghost writer? Can I volunteer to copy edit? When will he just start a podcast already?

I love everything about this and I cannot wait to read his thoughts.

Just a reminder if you want to follow along, here is the book information, as well as why Couture chose it to start this new project:

Title: The Rule of the Law

Author: John Lescroart

Subject: Legal thriller and the 18th book of Lescroart’s Dismas Hardy series

Why I picked this book: Lescroart is an incredible, San Francisco-based author and many of his writings take place here in the Bay Area.

For more information, check the release on the Sharks’ website.