The Re-Watch: Road to the NHL Stadium Series, Episode 2

In this episode, we see the seeds of the John Scott podcast being planted.

Welcome the The Re-Watch, a series where I revisit video of the San Jose Sharks of the past.

The 2019-20 season has been a weird and bad one for Sharks fans. What better way to kick off this series than to take a journey back to another season of heartache and pain: 2015. Jump in to the wayback machine with me and let’s double down on feeling bad together by re-watching EPIX’s Road to the NHL Stadium Series.

First, here’s coverage of the series right here on Fear the Fin back from when it originally aired, if you want a true stroll down memory lane. Next, I’ll be watching the series on [popular video streaming platform here], but since the upload doesn’t seem to be all too official, I’ll let you work out watching along at home on your own (it’s not hard to find, I promise).

Let’s get into it!

Episode 2 — original airdate: February 10, 2015

01:00: Seriously, this opening monologue is so dramatic, no wonder I fell in love with this dumb and wonderful sport.

02:45: Mmm, remember when championship White House visits didn’t make you feel dead inside? I mean, other than the fact that it’s the Kings going.

05:42: Oh my god, Darryl Sutter pregame: “I don’t know what desperation has to do with a hockey game.” COME ON NOW.

07:23: All of these players being mic’d up is giving me that good skate blades and hockey sticks scraping on ice ASMR.

07:34: “Troy Brouwer, playing in his 500th NHL game tonight...” Troy Brouwer? (takes a long drag of a cigarette) I haven’t heard that name in years. Oh my god, he has two goals in this game.

08:16: A Washington Capitals player just checked someone over the dasher boards and onto the Capitals’ bench, holy shit.

09:24: SHARKS LEGEND ERIC FEHR WITH A GOAL! 4-0, Washington. Sharks East doing the Lord’s work.

13:22: I love that the Sharks are such a family friendly organization and let the players kids be around the rink. It really isn’t like that everywhere.

Especially because we get the moment of Joe Thornton’s son punching him in the jock while his daughter is repeatedly asking “Dad, what’s a jock?” Insanely good content. Holy shit. Kids rule.

14:30: Parties at Joe Thornton’s house is my favorite Sharks tradition.

14:40: Oh man, John Scott quizzing everyone on football is hilarious. Tyler Kennedy: “I don’t know this stuff, I’m Canadian.”

To be fair, I’m American and I don’t know football, either.

21:21: Someone named Rob Klinkhammer just won this game in a shootout against the Sharks for the Edmonton Oilers. Sounds right.

22:26: Oh no, Justin Williams is doing a newspaper crossword. That’s cute.

28:30: NEETS BEATS! I miss that sweet-faced Long Beach native.

31:04: Oof, the old Florida Panthers logo really was pretty bad, huh? Oh god, and the jerseys! Awful!

36:26: I’m not saying Todd McLellan is a great coach or anything, but I appreciate the way he speaks to the dressing room. He’s very direct in a way that I think is effective.

45:00: I really hate seeing Martin Jones being chummy with the Kings players. It feels so wrong. Do you think he misses them? Don’t answer that. Don’t even think about it. Forget I said it. Oh my god, he so happy with them.

46:15: Drew Doughty just described his steak as “pretty bangin’” and “fuckin’ bomb.” Jesus H. Christ.

47:14: Ignore that Dustin Brown is talking right now and focus on the fact that Amelie Arena is actually kind of gorgeous. Perhaps one of the more underrated arenas in the league.

48:10: Oh, these Bolts all black jerseys are real bad, though. Or maybe it’s the corny lightning bolt on the breezers. Ugly.

48:45: Speaking of ugly, that hit on Alec Martinez was not good. No penalty on that? Come on, that was a ridiculously high hit.