Oilers given better Stanley Cup odds than Sharks

Vegas doesn't love team teal this year.

The Bovada odds for winning the Stanley Cup went live yesterday and the Sharks were given 40/1 odds for going all the way this season. Some notable teams that are given better odds of winning the cup than San Jose:

  • Winnipeg
  • Edmonton
  • Calgary
  • Minnesota
  • Did I mention freaking Edmonton????/

The Blackhawks were given the best odds at 13/2, while the Kings, Ducks, Rangers and Lightning are all listed at 10/1. A reminder that these numbers aren't so much a prediction as they are a reaction to the way the money is going right now. That's why you see Edmonton listed at 33/1 odds instead of...well, worse than that. Connor McDavid is going to do wonderful things for Las Vegas this season.

You can see all the odds in full here. What do you think of the Sharks' chances to win the Stanley Cup this year?