Off-Season Mailbag: Send in your questions on the Seattle Kraken roster, trades, free agency, & more!

Have questions on Seattle’s new roster, NHL trades, or Free Agency? Leave them below!

Hi, hockey fans!

July has been a jam-packed month for the NHL, what with the Seattle Kraken expansion draft, the NHL Entry Draft, NHL Free Agency, and what feels like a million blockbuster trades around the league. Not to mention, the San Jose Sharks still haven’t put Martin Jones on waivers, what’s up with that?

Here at Fear The Fin, we figured that some of you may have questions about these topics (the Seattle Kraken roster, NHL trades, NHL Free Agency, etc.) — so we’re inviting all of you to leave your questions in the comment section of this post, where I’ll be answering all of your burning Q’s this Monday, July 26.

(At the very least, you KNOW I’ll have some hot takes on some of the big news around the NHL).

Try to keep the comment section limited to just a space for asking questions. We know you want to discuss the answers — we do too! Be patient, the discussion will come on Monday.

See you then!