Patrick Marleau’s custom gloves are a copy editor’s nightmare

There’s something just a little bit off about the celebratory gloves.

When he takes the ice in tonight’s matchup between the San Jose Sharks and Vegas Golden Knights, Patrick Marleau will set the record for most NHL games played, officially passing Gordie Howe with 1768 games played.

In today’s morning skate, Marleau sported custom gloves celebrating the occasion. The black CCM gloves are stitched with gold details, including logos from each of the three organizations he’s played for during his 23-year career.

There’s also something a tad bit off about the gloves:

Across Marleau’s left-hand glove, it reads: “Most games played in NHL history 1768th NHL games.”

If that reads strange to you, it should. The “1768th” should signal a singular “game” at the end, if the purpose is to celebrate this one game. Or perhaps more correctly, the “th” should be dropped, making the phrase about the 1768 games Marleau has played up until this point (and furthermore taking up less space on the glove).

Toronto Maple Leafs fans have also been quick to point out that Marleau never wore that particular Leafs logo emblazoned on the gloves, though I’m less bothered by that because I’ll support anything that makes Leafs fans mad.

I don’t mean to get pedantic, but we are talking about a professional sports organization and a league record here. Did anyone proofread the design?

Oh yeah, and they left someone out:

Congrats to Carolina Hurricanes legend Patrick Marleau on his 1768th games played.