San Jose Sharks Photoshop Expo Invite


Cloweverfield, a la last season

With two great photoshops coming out lately (BawLa's and mymclife), it's about time we had a San Jose Sharks Photoshop Expo. It's about damn time.

Submit your images new and old, anything you've created in the last five seasons should work just fine. FTF is lazy- we don't want to look through the archives etc. Do so in the comments or email [] by February 15th (two Sundays from now) at 5 PM. If you're emailing us, please include your username so we can credit you.

This has been something I'm wanted to do for a long time, and now seems like a good enough week as any. Don't be shy- I've done a ton of crappy ones in my time, and sometimes they can be even more endearing:


About as solid as it gets, Jack

If we're blessed with over twenty or so, this just may become a habit. Throwing another team into the mix might be in the cards.......

5 PM Sunday come hell or high water. We're looking forward to what everyone comes up with.

[UPDATE 8:58 PM]: I received a question over email if multiple submissions are okay. The answer is hell yes. Also, if you're looking to do a bunch of them, don't be afraid to email or drop them in the comments one at a time. Cheers folks, I'm pumped.