Sharks will travel more miles than anyone else this season

Air Shark will continue to add miles to its alrady impressive odometer reading this season.

Great news for Sharks beat writer Curtis Pashelka! The San Jose Sharks will travel more miles than any other NHL team this season, all but paying for a nice trip to the Bahamas for those not traveling on Air Shark. The On The Forecheck post clocks the Sharks at 50,362 miles which is just a hair over 5,000 more than last season.

Does the travel really mean anything? Well, the Arizona Coyotes traveled the most last year, and I'm not saying correlation equals causation, but...okay, no, really I'm not saying that. The Sharks will be traveling in the best conditions Hasso Plattner is willing to buy, jetsetting to far-flung destinations like Los Angeles, Edmonton and Calgary for divisional play.

The payoff for all the extra travel? Well, while the Maple Leafs are stuck in Boston because of snow for the third time next season, the Sharks will be trying to figure out which shorts they should pack to bring to Anaheim for the weekend. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.