One Good Thing: A win at last!

Welcome back, Patty.

Welcome to One Good Thing, a new weekly feature where we take stock of the last week in San Jose Sharks hockey and find something that just lifts our spirits. Whether it’s a performance on-ice, or a player’s Instagram post, we’re here to talk about the reasons we love this team. Winning or losing, let’s take the time to bask in these small moments.

I expected to start this series with the Sharks going 0-5-0 to start the season, searching for ways to talk about how at least Mario Ferraro is having an excellent start, or the hilariously weird comment section of Timo Meier’s Instagram, but instead, I’m sitting here basking in the Sharks’ first victory of the season.

Now, let me be clear: my fears for the season are not fully assuaged, nor am I convinced there will be no need for this column as the season wears on. I’m fully aware that one game is just that — one game.

But we’re here to talk about things that make us feel good as Sharks fans, and man, didn’t that game last night do just that?

I thought it would take me some time to adjust to seeing Patrick Marleau again. I was honestly scared that I might hate it, especially if he had less hockey left in him than I already anticipated.

Sometimes being wrong feels good and other times, it feels downright great. Last night’s 5-4 victory over the Chicago Blackhawks felt like old school Sharks hockey — or at least, 2015-16 Sharks hockey.

We analyze the plays and look at the numbers and obviously, those things are important and help us make sense of a highly unpredictable sport. But to pretend there isn’t a mental aspect to the game is foolish. Sports are played by real life people and real life people are complex. Decisions are made in split seconds on the ice and our brains are computers that are constantly running applications in the background.

What I’m getting at here is that, while from the outside, as fans, the Marleau signing may have looked like a panicked reaction to the worst start to a season since 1993, for the people in the room with him, they were reuniting with an old friend. Someone they respect, someone who they know there’s chemistry with on the ice.

If that helps them come together as a team and play more cohesively, I can’t be mad about that acquisition (though, not to be a bummer in my own column that is meant to be spreading positivity, but if Marleau isn’t able to continue to be effective, then obviously that opinion is always subject to change). The bottom line is that the Sharks lost a lot of players over the two years that Marleau has been gone, after several key players came up through the organization with each other. Chemistry can’t be taken for granted and this Sharks team has shown that.

For that reason, my one good thing this week is Patty Two Goals Marleau bringing the room together.

Also, we get to follow Christina Marleau on Twitter again without having to see Maple Leafs content, god bless.

No matter how you look at it, Marleau coming back to the team that drafted him to play alongside Joe Thornton for one more year is an incredible sports story. We've got to enjoy that.

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