Say hello to your new favorite Joe Thornton t-shirt

Give Joe The Puck, dammit.

Joe Thornton is responsible for a lot of great memories in San Jose over the years, but one of his very best moments may have come off the ice. That moment has been permanently enshrined with our new t-shirt partner, Breaking T. The shirt, which you can purchase here, was designed by BreakingT in conjunction with Fear the Fin.

It's a beaut, the shirt material is fabulous and by using our referral link when you pick one up you're helping the site out, too. Here's a little about BreakingT, straight from the source:

BreakingT helps people connect to the stories and events they care about by memorializing popular trending topics and breaking news with fun, clever t-shirts. You might even say we're documenting history, one shirt at a time.

We'll be partnering with BreakingT to bring you Sharks-related t-shirts celebrating the biggest and most captivating moments surrounding Team Teal throughout the playoffs and beyond. If you've got an idea for a shirt you'd like me to pitch, send me an email (fearthefin(@)

If you decide to pick one up, make sure you share a picture wearing one in the comments or at the Fear the Fin Twitter account.