Sharks clinch 18th playoff berth

Thanks Coyotes!

The Arizona Coyotes finally lost. The Calgary Flames earned a victory on Monday night, sealing the deal for the San Jose Sharks to reach the playoffs for the 18th time in franchise history. Praise god Joe Thornton.

After missing the playoffs a season ago, which ended a 10-year long playoff streak, the Sharks are back in the dance. There is still jockeying for positioning, of course, but it's nice to finally have that x appear next to San Jose's name on the standings lists.

With six games to go, the Sharks are technically still in the running for the Pacific Division title. That might be a long shot, but at the very least it's possible for San Jose to slide up into the second spot to get home ice in the first round — particularly with a Kings/Ducks meeting on April 7.

It's not baseball, I know Jumbo, but how are we celebrating tonight?