Sharks first round opponent rests on final LA-Anaheim game

It's now 50-50 that San Jose faces the Kings or the Ducks.

I've established who I want the Sharks to play in the first round. I even bought tickets to the first Ducks playoff home game yesterday. Still, with Anaheim's win on Sunday night and the Kings' loss on Saturday, we're looking at even odds with a few games left on the schedule.

From @IneffectiveMath's excellent site, the below graphic shows the Sharks' most likely first round opponents.

If you were still hanging on to the Sharks winning the division, I've got some bad news for you. For the rest of you living in the realm of possibility, we've got equal odds at facing either the Ducks or Kings in the first round. This terrifies me in the same way my general existential dread makes it hard for me to get up every morning. It'll be fine, but only because it has to be fine if I want to continue existing on Earth.

The Ducks and Kings play on Thursday — a game that should be a lot of fun for neutrals and absolutely terrifying for people who spent an undisclosed amount of money on Ducks tickets.

We've got this. Right? Yeah. Yeah. Go Sharks.