Sharks first round playoff scenarios

It’s probably Edmonton ... but it might be Anaheim

The Sharks finished their regular season last night by beating the Flames 3-1. They have the third seed in the Pacific wrapped up: but their opponent is yet to be determined as both Edmonton and Anaheim have games today to decide who will take home the Pacific title.

San Jose will head on the road to play the second-place Pacific squad on either Wednesday or Thursday. The Oilers play Vancouver while the Ducks play the Kings. Here are the scenarios that will determine who the Sharks play in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs:

The Sharks play the Oilers in the first round (82 percent chance) if:

-Edmonton loses to Vancouver in any fashion


-Anaheim beats Los Angeles

If either (or both) of those things happen, the Sharks head to Edmonton this week to take on the Oilers.

The Sharks play the Ducks in the first round (18 percent chance) if:

-Edmonton beats Vancouver AND the Ducks lose in regulation

Edmonton holds the tiebreaker against the Ducks, so if the Oilers win in a shootout and the Ducks lose (putting them in a tie in both points and regulation-overtime wins), Edmonton takes the division.

Ducks-Kings starts at 5:30 p.m. while Vancouver-Edmonton starts at 6 p.m. Who do you want?

Who do you want the Sharks to play in the first round?