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T-1st in Western Conference
T-1st in Western Conference
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[Editor's Note]: Joe Sakic, who will be honored at The Pepsi Center tonight before the opening faceoff, deserves to start us off today. A surefire Hall of Famer and a world class human being, Burnaby Joe will be sorely missed from the sport of hockey. It's a damn shame to see him go.

Some of you will wake up today and tap a Sharks jersey hanging on the wall before work, a yearly tradition that signals the sweet demise of summer prognostications and predictions. A few will rub sleepy eyelashes over morning breakfast and wonder what sort of profit margins you would see by selling Pavelski Puffs cereal. Others will sit down on the couch and cycle through General Hospital episodes, eventually coming to the conclusion that it may be better to just head back to bed and play Minesweeper on your laptop until six thirty. One will throw on an Andrew W.K. album and indulge in a session of autoerotic asphyxia- another will walk in on said person and end up missing the game due to an impromptu counseling appointment.

Whatever you do today, cherish it. Because it's a goddamn roller coaster ride from here on out.

We had your season preview two days ago. David Pollak passed the news along yesterday that Rob Blake will hold the Captaincy this season, with Dan Boyle and Joe Thornton fulfilling the assistant roles. The rosters have been filled, with pre-training camp longshot Jason Demers managing to work his way into a starting spot tonight in Colorado.  So what's left?

That whole meaningful hockey thing. The one you've been casting lustful stares at all summer in the hope that she would finally let you buy her a drink. Turns out that drink she's letting you buy tonight is about to develop into a long term relationship. You're ready to settle down after five months of stumbling around like the hopeless romantic you are, tired of stewing over that last bad break up and broken heart. Maybe, hopefully, she'll want to have kids- her friends tell you she's quite partial to the name Stanley.

But don't rush into things just yet. It's time to take it slow, get to know the ins and outs, all the little things that will shed some light on where this eventually ends up. Enjoy it now, because you didn't appreciate it enough last time through. No, you kept looking forward and wondering how things would turn out after only knowing her for a week. Sure you were appreciate in spurts, but there was always that voice inside your head saying, "Wait for the payoff. This means nothing unless it goes somewhere serious."

Bullshit. This time the highs are going to be higher than a Brad Delp falsetto and the lows are going to be lower than a mirror at Jordin Tootoo's house. This time each day is going to bring a palette of colors that will paint my moods. This time I'm going to enjoy the ride.

Kick the tires and light the fires big daddy. Let's get the damn thing underway.

Prediction: Sharks win 4-2. Goals by Pavelski, Marleau, McGinn, and Clowe. My roomate misses the game due to an impromptu counseling appointment.

Go Sharks.