Sharks Gameday: It's Time For A Back To Back, Jack



4:30 PST
37-7-7, 81 points 26-24-5, 57 points
1st in Pacific Division 4th in Atlantic Division
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After the first period last night I was about ready to throw in the towel. Blake's goal was about as flukey as they come, the Sharks were getting pushed around physically, and without Nabokov coming up with some big time stops it could easily have been 4-0.

Thankfully Sweeney Todd lit a fire during intermission, and the Sharks came out in the second running on all cylinders. The 5 on 3 kill* at the beginning of the period effectively turned the tide for the rest of the game, and saw the ice tilt towards Thomas the next 35 minutes. No Goal Grier (h/t to CTGray of Couch Tarts) even banked in on an empty net opportunity. Good freaking times.

*Did Boston even manage a shot? Probably, but that might have been the greatest 5 on 3 since that time you and your buddies got drunk with those quintuplets from Gamma Phi.

The Penguins have been struggling lately, which is somewhat surprising considering they have two of the best players in the league. It's also the first time the two teams have played since JR uttered his crybaby comment about Sid, but as we all know, JR won't be playing tonight. Could be a good thing- I doubt JR is looking to have any more kids, but this type of situation probably wouldn't help the cause.

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You hate to piss on your friends (unless you're into that or something), but The Pensblog has their work cut out for them going forward. Without adding a winger who can compliment Sid & Geno at the deadline, it's going to be a hard time jobbin'.

Regardless, last night's effort has me breathing fine again. Haven't heard official word as of this posting, but with the work Nabby was subjected to tonight, it's a safe bet we'll finally get a chance to see Boucher in the nets. A long time coming folks.

To wrap this up, here's how the Sharks have fared in the second game of back to backs this year:

Team Home/Away Score Decision
Los Angeles Away 1-0 Win
Philadelphia Home 4-5 Win, OT
Tampa Bay Away 3-0 Win
Phoenix Away 2-4 Loss
Nashville Away 4-1 Win
Phoenix Away 3-2 Win
Detroit Away 0-6 Loss
Vancouver Away 4-2 Win

A lot of away games (being on the far corner of the West Coast sucks don't it), but the results seem fairly positive if you can banish that hellacious Detroit game from memory.

Look for a FTF recap after the game that borrows a few tricks from some our internet brethren. Here's to taking the momentum from last night and running with it for the duration of this road trip.

Go Sharks.