Sharks Gameday: Back In Black



7:30 PST
25-22-5, 55 points 36-7-5, 77 points

3rd in Southeast Division

1st in Pacific Division
98.5 KFOX,
Canes Country

The Sharks are rolling out the Black Armor tonight, and I couldn't be happier. Not because of the uniform choice (although those things are mighty slick), but because good ol' Dan Boyle's back in the lineup. In order to commemorate this glorious occasion..... excuse me? Yes, I realize he was only out for two games, but did you see how the Sharks played during that time span? Trouble clearing the zone, no transition game to speak of, our blueline suddenly timid to jump into the play- it wasn't a travesty, but it showed us just how much Boyle (wait for it, wait for it) rocks.

Whatever. Grab your whiskey and six-string folks- it's time to take a ride.

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Back in black, I hit the stick rack

It's been two three games but I'm glad to be back

Yes I'm let loose, like Bobby Orr in '72

We both got some Cup rings hanging around

I've been looking at my Corsi numbers and they're quite high

Forget Saturday night's game cause my goal totals don't lie

I got you glove side, this rubber ain't flying wide

Cruisin' through the neutral zone never wonderin' why

Cause I'm back

Yes, I'm back

Back in the back of a tight breakout that's had some slack

Number twenty two with a bullet I'm a power play quarterback

I was in a bang, with the Owen Koules gang

They won't catch us in the points race leaving Mike Smith out to hang

Cause' I'm back on the rink with a team full of lynx

Nobody's going to tell us this second round we're gonna sink

So look at me now, I'm just making play after play

Don't try and focus on me or Patty will leave your GAA wasting away

Cause I'm back

Yes, I'm back

Take it home D-Dubs!!!!!


Shredding the guitar like he shreds opposing GM's rosters

Prediction: Sharks win 4-1. Goals by Boyle (x3) and Shelley. What the hell right? Oh and for some added kicks (at the 0:30 mark), imagine Drew Remenda as the drummer and Milan Michalek as the guy who's rocking out in the crowd immediately afterwards. The resemblances are uncanny.

Go Sharks.