Sharks Gameday: Bounce Back City



5:30 PST
43-12-10, 96 points 30-28-8, 68 points
1st in Pacific Division 5th in Central Division
98.5 KFOX,
St. Louis Gametime

Whether or not you're content with the way things went on Tuesday against Minnesota, the fact remains that the Sharks need to take those two points as a blessing and start winning games convincingly again.

Our internet friends over at Game Time had TCY and I do a write up for their paper issue, and being the nice dudes we are, we submitted a top eleven list of reasons why the Blues are going to lose tonight along with a summary of the Sharks play lately.

The list, along with a related announcement, follow the jump.

“Eleven Reasons Those In Attendance Will Be Leaving With Blues Balls”

11) “Ricci’s ugly”, yeah we get it. Takes one to know one Missouri.
10) Tomorrow’s newspaper headline “St. Louis’ Hockey Singing The Blues” is way too witty [sic] to be left on the cutting room floor.
9) Manny Legace is your goaltender hahaha…. oh shit, nevermind.
8) Obama’s going to take away gun rights eventually. Brad Winchester is outta luck.
7) With the economy taking bigger dives than Chris Osgood during the playoffs last year, do you really want to splurge on playoff tickets?
6) The Blues have a collective plus/minus of –97. Yeah, that’s pretty bad.
5) As you watch Joe Pavelski dance around your defense tonight and wish he had a doofy winged musical note on his chest, just remember: You only passed up 9 opportunities to take him in 2003.
4) Jordin Tootoo may be a douche, but at least he’s got enough testicular fortitude to avoid getting sidelined for the year with a broken hip. It’s not like Scott Stevens is in the league anymore or anything.
3) Tonight’s game is basically a playoff game for the Blues. In case you’ve forgot what those feel like, they don’t end well.
2) The Butterfinger Blizzard giveaway sure isn’t going to help you fit into that bathing suit this Spring.
1) Look at the standings, bitches.


As for the game thread, we'll be doing a field trip tonight. The schedule is as follows:

5:15 PM: Milk, cookies, and beer here.

First Period: Head over to SLGT for some fun. If you're bringing the kids along..... well, it might just be best to leave them at home.

Second Period: Roll back here and host the readers of SLGT.

Third Period: Stick around FTF and watch the Sharks wrap up a win.

Go Sharks.