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Sharks Gameday: Dead Week



7:30 PST


35-30-5, 75 points

45-14-10, 100 points

4th in Central Division

1st in Pacific Division

CSN Bay Area


98.5 KFOX,


On The Forecheck

I’m on Gameday duty due to Plank’s impending finals. And what’s a TCY Gameday without a long, diluted metaphor? Les do dis.

Although I’m sure that none of you have fallen into the pre-finals week (known as dead week in some circles) trap, you’ve probably aware of its existence. After a long season semester of hard work and kicking essay ass, it’s almost summer. You can smell the salt air, feel the sand beneath your toes (or in some cases, the XBOX 360 controller between your fingers). It’s tough to focus.

In my day (last year), I fell into this trap quite often. For the entire semester leading up to dead week, I was an intellectual dynamo. I’d power through midterms and projects like Steven Segal powers through a Costco box of corn dogs. However, as soon as dead week rolled around, a subconcous trigger would activate, and I’d mentally check out. Done.

You’d be more likely to find me drinking pints of Blue Moon at Black Sheep Bar and Grill then finding me in a classroom. I played more video games than a 13 year old at a Spree and Jolt fueled sleep over. I’d go surfing in the afternoon, and I’d go surfing at night. I slept. I slept in. I slept waaaay in. I’d get up, eat a bowl of Cocoa Puffs, and then I’d take a nap.

I coasted this way until about Saturday, when the reality of finals week hit me like a truck full of corn. Setting up shop at the local Barnes and Noble, I’d scramble to finish projects, stay up late until it was early, I’d beg and plead with my professors for extensions. I’d freak out to the max. I was screwed I tell you, screwed.

But, in the end, it always worked out O.K. All the unnecesary stress that I incurred was just that. Unnecessary. If I just would have worked all week, I would have ended up with the same grades… and I’d be a little saner for it.

Let’s hope that the Sharks have fallen into the dead week trap. Yea, it’d be easier for everyone if they obliterated every obstacle in their path leading up to the playoffs. But it’s human nature to slack off.

I’m sick of making up lame excuses for the Sharks. They’re struggling, hard core. But I’m holding out hope that they’re like me: after a few days of kicking back being a deadbeat loser, I realized that finishing strong is just as important as starting strong. Once finals the playoffs come to San Jose, I’m feeling confident that the Sharks will realize the same thing.

Guys, there’s plenty of time to slack after finals are over. You bring the bowl, I’ll bring the Cocoa Puffs.

Go Sharks.

Prediction: Sharks win 3-1. Goals by Setoguchi, Moen, and McGinn. Doug Murray pops Jordin Tootoo in the mouth. Both teams cheer. Roenick protests the ugliness of his bobblehead.

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