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This post is going to be very political-- the most political I've ever been on Fear The Fin in fact.

And for that, I do not apologize.

There has been a question that has been clawing at my insides recently, one that directly relates to the last four years of my life as a citizen in the great state of California. It is confusing, intriguing, irritating, and relevant. It is something I have recently grown very passionate about, become so obsessed with in fact, that it has changed how I view governing bodies. I have begun to consider whether or not their decisions are shrouded in mystery or rooted in reason, a product of careful planning or pure happenstance.

It would be a disservice to myself as a human being to ignore these questions on this November 2nd. A day when people across the country will show their support for the individuals and organizations they have spent the last two months (if not years, if not lifetimes) carefully analyzing and following. A day when thousands will show up in person to lend their support for a goal they firmly believe in. A day when millions across America will watch two opposing forces clash over national television, as they have done every two years on Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

And when the clock tolls at 8:00 PM tonight PST, I hope to the heavens that the answer will become illuminated like a comet streaking across the blackest of skies.

Not because I feel that my quest to find solace should be placed above your own journey to seek whatever questions intrigue you. Not because my words are more important than yours. And certainly not because I view myself as a Messianic figure, unbound by the rules of society that state raising questions which may not even have an answer is in the best interest of our collective use of brainpower.

It is because I believe in you.

All of you.

So please, Fear The Fin readers, would you kindly help answer the question that has driving me mad over the last twenty four hours-- is there any reason why the Sharks and Wild played on election day in the United States of America during the last three times we voted for public office? I honestly have no idea:

Sharks vs. Wild (Regular Season)

# Nov Games
November Game
Election day?
First Meeting
Second Meeting
November 2nd 2010
December 29th
October 10th
January 30th
November 4th, 2008
December 31st
December 11th
December 31st
November 7th, 2006
October 21st
November 7th

It's not as if the Sharks and Wild consistently play each other in early November either-- it's only in even numbered years (i.e. election years), and always on Tuesday after the first Monday of the month. Twice in a row might be a coincidence, but three times seems like a pattern that the governing bodies (NHL schedule makers) have chosen deliberately for some purpose or another. At any rate, it's quite strange.

So yes, Fear The Fin, I believe in your ability to answer this question. The last four years of my life as a citizen of California has been effected by this situation, a day when thousands of people have flocked to HP Pavilion and the Excel Center to support the cause of winning a Stanley Cup that they have spent the last two months (if not years, if not lifetimes) intently analyzing, a day when Versus will air the semi-annual clashing of two forces on national television for the entire country to see.

My hope is that the community can come up with an answer by the time the game ends at 8:00 PM Pacific tonight. We're counting on you.


All joking aside, no politics today please-- as idunno mentioned in his wonderful Community Standards post yesterday, these types of discussions are a non-starter here on Fear The Fin. It's a testy subject filled with lots of passion, and while I value your opinion on everything from favorite Halloween candy to best type of card games, no good can come of it. They can divide even the closest of personal relationships (politics that is, although I have seen the ol' dukes come out following a rousing game of rummy), and with our relations on this site largely anonymous in nature, there's a potential for things to get out of hand.

If you feel the need to discuss who you voted for and why, I have taken the time to set up a specific thread just for you. Feel free to use it to your heart's content today.


No word yet on who gets the start in nets tonight for the Sharks, but one has to think that Antero Niittymaki will get the keys to the car again tonight. He's played extremely well to start the season, and until there's a quick set of games in succession, Niemi probably won't get a chance to improve on his lackluster performance to begin the year.

Minnesota has been getting their offensive production from the ever amazing Mikko Koivu, one of the best players currently in the NHL. He leads the team with 11 points and brings a six game point streak into tonight's matchup. Martin Havlat has had a very disappointing start to the year and has been held without a goal in the ten games he has played. Look for Brent Burns to be a force from the point yet again-- he leads the Minnesota blueline in ES ice time and will likely be tasked with shutting down the Sharks top line of Thornton, Heatley, and Marleau.

Prediction: Sharks win 4-3. Goals by Heatley, McGinn, Setoguchi, and Vlasic.

Go Sharks.