Sharks Gameday: Happy Days!



7:00 PST
26-17-6, 58 points 31-10-8, 70 points
7th in Western Conference
2nd in Western Conference
98.5 KFOX,
Battle of Alberta
Matchsticks & Gasoline

As much fun as I've had the last week complaining about secondary scoring (sarcasm), it sure was a treat to see the newly buzzed Devin Setoguchi get on the board again with a pair of goals. And while I'm still not completely sold on the long term success of skating Malhotra with Pavelski and Setoguchi, you can see what adding a forward who is able to skate can do for Setoguchi-- he put eight shots on net, and finally got rewarded for his movement off the puck. It will be interesting to see, if the new second line continues to produce, what is done with Ryane Clowe at the deadline. We floated the idea that the big winger may have been a product of his power play numbers last season, and although that hasn't helped his stat line all too much this year (1 G 7 A with the man advantage), Clowe's production has tailed off considerably and Doug Wilson was rumored to be looking to move him before handing out his big payday six months ago.

Premature speculation to be certain, especially considering that a successful game against the lowly Edmonton Oilers isn't much to write home about, but an interesting trend to watch nonetheless.

That's all from me today as the current rainstorm from hell has been playing tricks with my electricity the last twenty four hours (hence the late post); enjoy the game, and watch for how the imposing defensive unit from Calgary manages to handle the top line. If the Sharks ever needed a game for secondary scoring to get hot, tonight is it.

Prediction: Sharks win 3-2. Goals by Setoguchi, Clowe, and Vlasic. I shave my head in a desperate bid to "put one in the five hole." Ahem.

Go Sharks.