Sharks Gameday: It's A New Year's Eve Day Game In The Early Afternoon So You're Free At Night



3:00 PST
28-4-4, 60 points 17-16-2, 36 points
1st in Pacific Division 5th in Northwest Division
98.5 KFOX,
Hockey Wilderness

Three PM. Really now.
The Minnesota Wild have been atrocious lately, going 3-9-1 in the month of December. Things don't get much worse than going first to worst in your division during the Holidays, but not everyone in Minnesota is letting the blizzard of losses get to them. SBN's own buddhafisch is winning at the game of life, so make sure to stop by and give him a hearty congratulations on his marriage plans for today.

A wedding at center ice? What a brilliant way to start the new year. Furthermore, it gives them all sorts of applicable terminology to use in the marital context. To cool down after an argument you could take a "five for fighting"; road trips can be called, well, "road trips"; the birth of a child a "free agent acquisition that changes the entire makeup of the team"; lovemaking can be preceded by sweet talk such as "going five-hole", "grinding in the corners", "banging on the forecheck", "driving the net" etc.

It's a whole world ripe with possibilities. Here's to the union we all hope goes on well past the first overtime. Congrats sir!

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As for our own marriage (tumultuous at times, and yet ultimately fulfilling) the Sharks haven't been impressing me all that much compared to the beginning of the year. Alas, they are finding ways to win. I'm still convinced they need to improve their five on five play. The penalty kill is bound to hit a cold streak (21 straight kills), and once that occurs, the weak even strength play will be exposed. Make no mistake that Dallas dominated at even-strength all game, peppering a stellar Nabokov with ten more shots than the Sharks could muster.

It's going to be a long and frustrating 2009 if these trends continue. I married you for the person you were Sharkie- this new guy isn't grounds for a divorce, but it's concerning me. Let's nip this in the butt before it becomes an issue.

For now, it's time to enjoy the final game of a wonderful San Jose Sharks 2008 (well, post-May). Have fun in the thread, have a blast later tonight, and make sure to stop by for some Winter Classic action tomorrow.

Prediction: Sharks win a tough game 2-1. Goals by Blake, Thornton, and Semenov. I'll let you figure out why my math seems to be below a second grade level.

Go Sharks.