Sharks Gameday: Ole Ole Ole



4:00 PST
42-9-9, 93 points 32-22-7, 71 points
1st in Pacific Division 2nd in Northeast Division
98.5 KFOX,
Habs Eyes on The Prize

[Editor's Note]: Remember your SPG Picks for a chance to win a Sharks Banner courtesy of Carrol's Cove. Dustin is also at the game, so look for him on the Jumbotron with a crew of French models.

Didn't catch any of the Ottawa game on television, but from what Dan and Jamie were saying the effort was lackluster through the first forty. JR was on for a postgame interview and mentioned that the team is dragging from all the travel, and looking forward to getting two days off after tonight.

I'll take the two points in Scotiabank and leave it at that.

Tonight's a big game in the fact that every game going forward is a big game. Sure the Sharks have effectively clinched a playoff berth, but that first seed has to be the focus going forward. It's damn near essential we lock down that position, for reasons that have been chronicled extensively in the Detroit game reactions. Make sure to watch for team scratches tonight as well- if someone's out of the lineup for a peculiar reason, there might be something brewing in the dungeon of D-Dubs.

This post is shorter than the time I spent mourning the loss of Steve Bernier at the deadline last season.

Prediction: Sharks win 4-3. Goals by Cash Money Milanaire, Sir Roenick, Cheechoo Train, and Cloweverfield. Due to our new partnership with Yahoo, Don Cherry blows a gasket when he does a little research into FTF and finds this article from the We Bleed Teal days.

Go Sharks.