Sharks Gameday: RYSPGP!*



1:00 PST
21-32-6, 48 points 39-8-9, 87 points
5th in Southeast Division 1st in Pacific Division
98.5 KFOX,
Bird Watchers Anonymous

*Remember your Shot Penalty Goal Predictions!

Steven Seagal will not be making an appearance today ladies and gentlemen, nor will Winston Churchill. No no, it's back to cheap laughs and nonsensical banter to shake your head at in disgust while watching your Saturday morning cartoons. Try not to fling your bowl of Kashi at the computer because I promise this post gets better.

I've got nothing. The Sharks play at one PM tomorrow (or today seeing as I'm setting this to publish itself at six in the morning, isn't technology grand), which means I'm unable to procrastinate and come up with something halfway decent for all you good folks. Dark days in the blogosphere to be certain- FTF may never recover, and if we do, the jury's still out on the assertion that anyone will even notice.

The last two games have been chippy as hell (read: Don't come into our house and break shit, this isn't your Ron Wilson era Sharks squad pal), but don't expect to see that tonight. Atlanta is well on their way to a top five pick, and as is the case with most Eastern Conference teams, we don't have a lot of history to draw upon.

The potential lack of physicality lends more to the belief that Brad Lukowich and Jeremy Roenick may play tonight; unfortunately we will not know for sure until the puck drops. Seems as if King David of WTC is taking the weekend off as well. Makes me feel better about myself at the very least (until I realized he has a wedding to attend, and the only thing I'll be attending to is finding the drive to get out of bed in the morning).

Enjoy the game. We'll be back to the regularly scheduled gameday buffoonery on Monday.

Prediction: Sharks win 3-1 with a hat trick from JR (if he's playing). If not, they squeak out a 2-1 win with goals by Michalek and Monsieur Lemieux. Boucher finally gets the start we've been craving, and I take a nice nap after the game.

Go Sharks.