Sharks Gameday: Sweet Home Chicago



5:30 PST
48-14-10, 106 points 38-22-11, 87 points
1st in Pacific Division 2nd in Central Division
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Second City Hockey

Oh Brian Campbell

Eight years of seven million

Hawks cap is now poop

- Ancient Japanese Haiku

Well it's back to game time ladies and gentlemen, and tonight promises to be one of the more exciting games left on the docket this season. Before us stands a strong home team, one that is fighting for home ice advantage in what's shaping up to be a first round meeting with the Vancouver Canucks, while we fight for that ever elusive one seed Detroit seems absolutely unwillingly to give up.

About as good as it gets.

In fact, this next week and a half will feature some excellent hockey games that are possible playoff opponents, with Chicago, Nashville, Calgary, Edmonton, and Anaheim all getting a taste of teal before the playoffs come around.

Call it a double edged sword, but I love the fact we're seeing all of those teams on the road. While it may not be the best route to the one seed, it sure as hell will be great preparation for April. As for tonight, Patty's out with the birth of his child, JR may be in. My money's on him getting out there considering the lack of center depth with Goc and Patty scratched.

Can't wait for 5:30.

Prediction: Sharks win 5-3. Goals by Thornton (x2), Boyle, McGinn, and Ehrhoff. JR assists on all five of them to receive the second star of the game. Alexei Semenov creams him in the face during the star selections. After this posts, I realize that some sentences, however fitting, do need to be put into context before typed.

Go Sharks.