Sharks Gameday: Time To Get Back On That Horse



6:00 PST
34-6-5, 73 points 23-23-1, 47 points
1st in Pacific Division 5th in Northwest Division
98.5 KFOX,
Mile High Hockey

If you're like me, a week devoid of Sharks hockey was brutal. Sure we had the All-Star Game, but that doesn't cut it. Versucks coverage was lousy (is anyone really surprised?), the defense was nowhere to be seen, and you'd have to pay Doc Emerick thirty dollars (twice his current salary if my sources are correct, which usually is not the case) just to acknowledge the fact that there is a Western Conference.

The intro to the game might have been the weirdest thing I've ever seen as well. Did anyone else think that Ken Kesey came back from the dead, loaded up on a bunch of LSD with a slew of Beatnik buddies, and choreographed that monstrosity? I was one more Cirque de Soleil flip away from doing one of my own into my neighbor's empty swimming pool.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. And in reality, it was probably just the worst of times.

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So in order to fully pay homage to this weekend's coverage, I'm going to keep this about as incompetent as possible. I drank all of my Ernest Hemingway juice last week in order to expell this monstrosity, so lay off will ya?

If there's one thing to say, it is this- today is a great day to get back what matters most.

Prediction: Sharks win 4-2. Goals by Gooch, Patty, Boyle, and Thornton. That All-Star weekend jet lag seems to be a myth huh?

Go Sharks.

[Update 11:30 AM]: NHL Fanhouse ranked Randy & Drew #6 in their top ten broadcasters around the league. H/T to BOC for the heads up.